Commonly unknown by most dog owners is the fact that their dogs can easily ingest too many calories in the form of dog treats. According to University of California clinical veterinarian Tami Pierce, the situation is caused by dog owners because they are unaware of the number of times they offer their dogs treats as a reward for good behavior during the dog training process. As such, it is recommended that dog owners purchase healthy dog treats in order to avoid the hefty vet bills they will have to pay after their dogs suffer from the various health problems that are associated with ingesting too many high-calorie dog treats.

Best 3 Healthy Dog Treats

Top 3 Healthy Dog Treats

-OmegaPet’s Dental Chews- Human Grade, Grain-Free Dog Biscuits/ Puppy Training Snacks

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These all-natural dog biscuits are perfect for use as puppy training as well as simple reward treats. Omega’s Dental Chews are made from a real-food recipe that is 100% grain and gluten free which makes them easily digestible for dogs, even those who suffer from sensitive stomachs. These natural dog treats are well-renowned for offering mouth-watering flavors and are not only nutritious but also pleasurable for a dog due to their bite size and chewy texture. Commonly referred to as the super food snacks for dogs, these treats contain glucosamine which is a vital ingredient that supports healthy joint function and each treat contains less than 10 calories.

-Classic Crunchy Natural Dog Treats by Old Mother Hubbard

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The classic crunchy natural dog treats by Old Mother Hubbard are popular among most dog owners due to the fact that the company’s brand products have been a trusted source of dog treats for more than a decade. These treats contain only all-natural premium ingredients that are devoid of any artificial preservatives. These fun and delicious dog biscuits are baked in the shape of a bone and are primed to be one of the best natural dog treats for both dog training as well as treating because they come in a wide variety of flavors that are known to be loved by dogs. The biscuits’ natural crunch is an added advantage to dog owners who are engaged in the dog training exercise because they are truly enjoyed by dogs of any age, size, and breed.

-Dog Jerky Sticks by Rocco and Roxie Supply Co.

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Any dog owner who doubts the true nature of a dog treat product ought to simply use the products ingredient list as a testimony of its true health-beneficial worth as most dog treat brands that claim to offer only all-natural, healthy dog treats have very simple ingredient lists. This is evident in Rocco and Roxie’s dog jerky treats as the key ingredients are American-raised beef, rice protein, salt, and spices. Depending almost entirely on wholesome beef as the key ingredient, these dog jerky treats are a perfect natural treat for all carnivorous canines.

Moreover, the treats are the end products of a 15-hour smoke session and are characterized by a soft texture that is absolutely loved by all dogs. The best feature of these healthy dog treats is that you can easily tear the jerky strips in order to hand them out in smaller treat amounts. This is particularly cost-effective for a dog owner who intends to use the treats for dog training due to the fact that one does not need to buy numerous packets to obtain a positive effect during training.